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Physical Therapy for Medicare Patients

Medicare Coverage of Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy is covered by Medicare Part B.  Medicare pays 80% of the Medicare-approved charges, while the patient is responsible for a small annual deductible ($183 for 2017), and a 20% coinsurance (typically $25-$30) per visit.  If the patient has Medicare supplement insurance, then it will cover the patient's share subject to the plan's benefits.  Although Medicare has a target limit on its annual coverage of therapy services, including outpatient physical therapy, this limit can be extended if the therapy is rendered by a Medicare certified facility, and if the therapy is medically necessary (i.e. if it is prescribed by a physician, and if the physician certifies the treatment plan).

How to Start Receiving Treatment?

You need a referral / prescription from your physician (e.g. your primary care physician).

How Can We Help?

We are a Medicare certified and approved outpatient physical therapy and rehab facility.  Our licensed physical therapists have extensive experience in treating Medicare patients.  Our therapists will assess your condition and prescribe a treatment plan to get you back to active lifestyle.  We will keep your referring physician updated of your progress, at least monthly, to make sure the medical necessity criterion set by Medicare is met, and that Medicare will cover the therapy expenses.  

You can read more about our physical therapy services at our physical therapy page. 
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