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Massage Therapy

We specialize in providing massage therapy for treating a wide array of medical conditions.  All our massage therapists have experience in providing massage in medical settings.  We usually combine massage therapy and physical therapy into an integrated treatment program.  Manual and massage therapy are very effective in treating and managing many conditions such as severe muscle tension, spasm, stiffness, and chronic pain.  Manual and massage therapy also help improve balance, range of motion, and circulation.  Our therapists will assess your condition and devise a treatment program to achieve your rehabilitation goals.  Our physical therapists and massage therapists serve the Maryland (MD) suburbs of Washington DC including RockvilleBethesda, North Bethesda, Kensington, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Chevy Chase and Silver Spring.

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Massage therapy is offered at our following locations:
We often incorporate massage therapy into our physical therapy treatment programs.  You can read more about our physical therapy services at our physical therapy page.

The types of massage we provide include:
  • Deep tissue massage: to relieve severe tension in muscles and connective tissue or fascia.
  • Swedish massage: to treat pain, joint stiffness, osteoarthritis, and improve circulation.
  • Myofascial release: to eliminate pain, and increase range of motion and balance.
  • Shiatsu: uses pressure applied with thumbs, fingers and palms and incorporates stretching.
  • Trigger point therapy: deactivates trigger points that cause local pain, myofascial pain, or headaches.
  • Decongestive therapy: to treat lymphedema in conjunction with breast cancer treatment.

Massage Pricing

30 minutes for $30 (plus $1 per minute for each additional minute).

45 minutes for $45 (plus $1 per minute for each additional minute).

60 minutes for $60 (plus $1 per minute for each additional minute).

1. Limited time offers are subject to availability, may be available at certain locations and on certain days and times only, and can be discontinued at any time without notice.